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What is Recovery?

Careful use of our natural resources is required.
The recycling of wastes with the possibility of reconsideration by various physical and / or chemical processes into a secondary raw material and their inclusion in the production process is called recycling or recovery. It can also be called as recycling of recyclable waste materials which are not used in any way by using various recycling methods as raw material and re-manufacturing them into production processes.
Troubles are experienced in every natural product. The rapid increase in population in the world, increasing the number of people to meet the needs of all kinds of natural resources should be used. It is better understood how important the recovery is when it is considered that these resources are not unlimited. The materials that cannot be disposed of in any way after being used once have the possibility of being recycled through a different circulation. Recycling or recycling is one of two concepts that have entered into one. With some definition, recycling is called recovery by some definition.
Perhaps there may be differences in the steps taken in both systems. Finally, the reassessment of the products that are considered to be out of use is very important for our future. Recycling paper can be defined as recycling. Paper remained the raw material of paper. However, the production of silver from x-ray water should be defined as recovery. A new product or a new raw material was obtained. With recycling, our environment, primarily human health, as well as for all living things countless benefits.
Benefits of Recycling
Our natural resources are protected
Energy saving
Contribute to the economy
Reduces waste amount
Investment for the future
Enables to record waste management waste amount
The energy that will be spent on recovering a new product will be unused and unused. This energy will be evaluated in different areas. It is an indisputable fact that energy costs will gradually increase. It is obvious that oil stocks in the world are gradually decreasing and that oil will become a more scarce resource in the future. Considering that it is dependent on foreign sources in energy, more attention should be given to recovery.
Recycling contributes to our investment in the future and the economy. By using the products obtained by recycling, new production areas are not opened for these products. On the other hand, new industrial branches are created with products that are recovered from the rubbish. With this area, new jobs and new jobs are formed. On the other hand, the collection of solid wastes, which is the biggest environmental problem of our day, can only be solved with the expansion of recovery.
Collecting and disposing of solid wastes will be easier as the recovery becomes widespread and people collect the products to be recovered at their source. In Turkey, as in all the houses of recovery in developed countries, so you need to start from the waste of resources. The awareness of consumers and the collection of packaging wastes separately from organic wastes constitute the first step in this field. How recycling should be done, quality, technologies and processes to be used should be managed and regulated.
Recycling, quality, and the technologies that need to be used are of great importance. Recovered products must provide the necessary benefits. These materials, which are not recycled under favorable conditions, may result in greater damage than benefit. In our country, many materials are recovered in different ways with or without system. Glass products, paper products, plastic products, all kinds of packaging products, aluminum products, waste batteries and batteries, engine oil and other oils, concrete products, organic wastes and electronic wastes are evaluated by recycling. The fact that waste management plans have not been established in the local administrations in our country cause the wastable wastes to not be collected at the source. Recycling products, which are not collected separately at their source, are collected by street collectors on the streets without a system.
This situation leads to bad images on streets and streets. On the other hand, without taking any precautions, the people involved in this collection are involved in the recovery of waste in an unhealthy manner. In recent years, high technology recycling areas have been established in our country. But these are not enough. Systematic implementation of waste management plans and collecting the products to be recovered will be more beneficial.


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